Red Alert 2 Total Destruction

Did you go to and found it not working? Did you search the entire net for this mod? Here, you'll finally download it! This mod is considered to be the best mod for Red Alert 2. The publisher's website doesn't work, and the reason is unknown, maybe he forgot to pay for the domain. That's why it's a I, got a full domain and I forgot to pay, everything is over.

Unfortunately, there was a second copy of this site, but it wasn't found by Google, plus there was no reach to it.

Mod Details:

Adds more cash at the beginning of the Skirmish Game                                   

Disables the destruction of buildings after 30 seconds of gameplay

Adds hundreds of new units and buildings

Adds more advanced options

Adds more units at the beginning of the game

And lots more!

Here is a screenshot:


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